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Wichita’s Best Lawn Maintenance and Clean-up Services

When it comes to lawn maintenance services to care for your lawn in Spring, Fall, and anytime in between, Four Star Lawn Care of Wichita truly goes above and beyond. With each season comes new challenges. From mowing, garden bed maintenance, proper treatment, and more, lawn work is truly never done. Our professionals understand that a beautiful, maintained lawn takes personalized care and maintenance, year-round.
Lawn Maintenance Consultation

Maintain Your Beautiful Lawn

Lawn Maintenance for your Wichita lawn is a constant project. Skip a season or take time off from your lawn care and you’ll start off the next season behind. Let us do what we do best, tend to your lawn! We offer our maintenance services at $75 per man hour in the busy season (March to November) and a special winter rate in the remaining months. Contact us about a 20% discount for a winter rate.

Fall Clean-up – Fall is a busy time of year when it comes to lawn and landscape care and clean-up. Even though the grass has stopped growing, it doesn’t mean you can stop caring for it. It’s important to keep lawns clear of leaves and debris so that you aren’t left with dead spots and eyesores come spring. This is also a good time to trim and prune branches in shrubs and trees so they can branch out in the spring.

Spring Clean-up – Spring is a time for blooms, beauty and growth! Start off fresh with spring clean-up services including: clearing leaves and debris, mulching, re-edging and clearing garden beds, re-seeding, pruning and trimming, and more!
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