Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting and Decor

Four Star Lawn Care offers full service Christmas light installation and removal. We install only the highest quality LED bulbs, wreathes, and garlands to make your house look festive for the fast approaching holiday season!

We are CLIPA (Christmas Light Installation Pros Association) certified installers, and offer one-year and three-year leasing options. Let Four Star Lawn Care get your house Christmas ready this holiday season.

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At Four Star, we listen to what you want and need instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all plan on you.

We offer weekly mowing services, and we will customize a package just for you.

We use Toro lawn mowers for a beautifully patterned cut. Edging, line trimming and the removal of grass clippings from walkways, driveways and curbs are always included at no extra charge.

Four Star Lawn Care believes in recycling grass clippings by mulching them into the lawn. Mulching is good for the environment and allows us to keep our prices lower. However, if you want your clippings to be bagged and removed, just mention that to our sales associate, and we will work with you.

Fertilizer and weed control

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Four Star Lawn Care offers six fertilizer and weed control applications that are spaced about five to six weeks apart for optimal control and performance.

We use both granular and liquid applications depending on the climate at the time of the application. We will customize each application for your lawn’s needs. The first two applications will consist of a pre-emergent for crabgrass and broadleaf and other types of unwanted weeds. After every fertilizer application, we also apply a post-emergent herbicide on any pesky lingering weeds. We offer grub treatments and fungicide treatments throughout the year. If we see a problem, we will let you know about it and contact you with options to rectify the issue.

Because we serve so many happy customers, we do ask that you be aware of your lawn’s condition as well. We will give you information about common problems that come along with the season. By partnering with us and reviewing the information, you can help us keep your lawn looking good. We strive for consistent conversation to keep your lawn looking the best in the neighborhood.

Core Aeration

To keep your lawn healthy, we will use a machine that pulls tiny cores three inches long from the ground.

This will break up compaction of the soil and allow water and air to penetrate the soil more freely, giving your yard a healthier and deeper root system to fight off disease and summer heat stress.

It is also a way of decomposing thatch, reducing thatch buildup, which inhibits penetration of water, air and fertilizer.


Thatch is a layer of dead and living shoots, stems and roots that build up between the green vegetation and the surface of your soil. A thatch layer is created when dead grass accumulates faster than it decomposes.

A thin layer of thatch is beneficial. It helps to insulate the roots from heat and moisture evaporation. But if thatch builds up to a thickness of more than a half-inch, it restricts water penetration and minimizes the movement of air and fertilizers into the soil. It weakens the turf, which makes your lawn more susceptible to insect, disease and weed invasion.

Older lawns that have been over-watered and maintained with excessive nitrogen applications may be unhealthy because of a thatch problem. You can easily check this by cutting a plug of grass and soil several inches deep and examining it. A dense layer of spongy vegetation and organic (peat-like) material between the crown of the grass plants and the soil of more than a half- inch will indicate that your lawn needs to be de-thatched.


Landscaping is the easiest way to add curb appeal and beauty to your home. First impressions are important, and you want your landscaping to complement your home’s look and style.

At Four Star Lawn Care, we’ll take a look at your space and existing landscaping and talk to you about where there’s room for improvement. Then we’ll work within your budget to come up with a plan for your lawn, plantings and trees to present your home’s best side. Give us an idea of your dream landscape, and we’ll do the work to make it happen and maintain it. Landscaping is particularly important if you are considering selling your home in the near future. Sometimes all your landscaping needs is a mini-makeover. But we also can work miracles.
Call us today to arrange a meeting so we can create the perfect look for your home.

Mosquito Sprays

Four Star Lawn Care offers expert mosquito spray services to protect your family, pets and property. Our new mosquito control program consists of 6 sprays. Treatments start around the 1st of May and end in October. This is a new program, which many companies are offering across the United States. Since we are licensed to apply this treatment, we have decided to offer it in the Wichita area.

As we all know, we have to battle these nasty insects during the summertime due to the rain and humidity. Mosquitos are more than just pests. Their bites are not only itchy and uncomfortable, but they can also spread diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria, and other diseases. Our expert team can help prevent mosquitos from hatching, swarming and visiting your property.

If you are interested in our mosquito spray services, please call the office and we will send a contract to you by mail or email.

 Over Seeding

Planting grass is a headache that you don’t want. So we’ll do it for you.

Four Star Lawn Care will remove any dead grass from the area, slice the bare area and plant the seed. With proper watering techniques and our seeding guarantee, your lawn will be looking like new in no time. We recommend seeding in the fall, but we also realize time isn’t always on our side.
Please contact our office and speak with one of our professionals about what we can do to help.

Spring and Fall Maintenance

Four Star Lawn Care is proud of the excellent customer service we provide while tending to your growing lawn. So to serve our customers when the grass stops growing, we like to keep it clear of leaves and debris.

We offer our maintenance services at $50 per man hour in the busy season (March to November) and a special winter rate at $45 per man hour in the remaining months.

Tree Services

Trees are one of the biggest investments you’ll make to your landscaping. Trees help keep your home cooler and help make the environment safer. Don’t risk losing them to pests or diseases. Investing in the care of your trees is much less expensive than replacing them.

Our tree program is designed to protect your trees at specific times of the year.

January and February: We will use a horticultural oil — dormant oil spray — to control scales. The oil also will help control the over-wintering stage of many insects, providing an early start to insect control.

April to September: During this time period, our focus is on insect and disease treatment. We employ a healthy-tree cocktail of three insect sprays and disease applications to protect your trees. Each spray is scheduled depending on the species of trees. We target insects such as aphids, scale, mites, leaf miners, leaf beetles, bag worms and webworm. Diseases we focus on include rust, apple scab, leaf spot, anthracnose and powdery mildew.

Spring and fall: Root feeding is crucial during these seasons. We use a balanced fertilizer that we inject into the root zone. The nutrients will help the trees replenish their nutrients as well as enhance the root system to handle winter stress. The treatment builds plant strength and increases foliage for enhanced beauty and shade.